Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Bathing Garden (Etsy) Sugar Scrub Review

The Bathing Garden Creamy Sugar Scrubs
Lately I've been discovering some really great Etsy soap vendors.  One of my favorite vendors for sugar scrubs is The Bathing Garden.  Unfortunately the shop is temporarily closed for a few weeks but it should reopen some time in mid-December or later.

I love the consistency of these scrubs. They do not separate in the container where the oil sits on top of the sugar. This is more of a creamy sugar scrub with medium exfoliation. The sugar crystals are fine. If you are looking for a more abrasive scrub, this is not for you!  The scrub emulsifies in the shower and moisturizes the skin without leaving a sticky film.

Parisian Strawberry Fields layered scrub (pink and light green)
What I also like about The Bathing Garden scrubs is that they are beautifully scented.  The shop offers a wide variety of interesting scents depending on the season.  These are the scents I currently own:

  1. Parisian Strawberry Fields - scented like a fresh sugared strawberry, yum.
  2. Pirate Punch - scented similar to Pina Colada, tropical and fruity.  I love tropical scents.
  3. Merlia the Mermaid - this is a scent layered scrub.  The first layer is pineapple buttercream and the second layer is pink sugar cherry coconut cupcake.
  4. Guava Berry Gelato - scented like it's name, creamy and fruity.
  5. Faerie Bonfire - an amazing fall scent.  Smells like marshmallows and a campfire to me. Description also says there's sandlewood.  Divine.
I store these in the fridge until I am ready to use them.  The 4 oz scrubs are $5.25 USD and the 8 oz scrubs are $8.50 USD if I remember correctly.  These are very reasonably priced although shipping can get expensive on Etsy. But The Bathing Garden includes one free full-sized item with each purchase!  If you are looking to purchase a new sugar scrub, I highly recommend these.

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with this company.