Saturday, August 4, 2012

BB Cream Review NC30: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly & Lioele Water Drop

L - R:  Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly #02, Lioele Water Drop & Lioele Silky Highlighter Touch

I've been using Lioele's Water Drop BB Cream and I really like it!  It's light and cooling on hot summer days.  I live in The Valley (of Los Angeles) and the temperature is almost unbearably warm in the summer.  Recently I purchased Holika Holika's Aqua Petit BB and wanted to compare the two, as well as Lioele's Silky Highlighter BB Touch.  For reference, I'm a MAC NC30, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Sand, and MUFE HD Foundation #118.  I have normal/combination skin with occasional mild acne.


L-R:  Holika Holika Aqua Petit #02, Lioele Water Drop & Lioele Silky Highlighter
Swatches swiped:

L-R:  Holika Holika Aqua Petit #02, Lioele Water Drop and Lioele Silky Highlighter


Aqua Petit Jelly - lightest in texture, like jelly (hence the name), very easy to blend

Water Drop - light texture, cooling on the skin, water droplets form when you blend this into your skin, not as light as Aqua Petit Jelly

Silky Highlighter - light in texture, sheer, easy to blend


Aqua Petit Jelly - light to medium depending on how many layers you apply.  I need to use a separate concealer for blemishes or hyperpigmentation.

Water Drop - light to medium depending on how many layers you apply.  I need to use a separate concealer for blemishes or hyperpigmentation.

Silky Highlighter - not sure because I don't use this all over my face although I know some beauty bloggers do.  I think if you have NC20 skin or lighter, this would be fine to use as an all-over BB cream.

Shade/Color Match:

Aqua Petit Jelly - this matches my skin tone perfectly

Water Drop - this is almost a little bit too light at first but after it oxidizes, it blends in with my skin.  Near perfect match.

Silky Highlighter - perfect shade of highlighter for medium skin with yellowish undertones.  Subtle sheen.  Although it has some shimmer, it is not overly glittery and shiny.


Aqua Petit Jelly - semi-matte photo finish

Water Drop - dewy

Silky Highlighter - subtle sheen

You can buy these BB creams here (I am not affiliated with this company):

Also, if you haven't seen it, here's a great youtube video (by a makeup artist) that will show you how to apply concealer/highlighter for that Kim Kardashian glow:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: Skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream on NC30

Full-size Skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream
I purchased a small sample of this BB cream at a local Asian beauty supply store.  I wanted to try something new and the saleslady suggested the Skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream (first she suggested the Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus but I already have that).  I am on a BB cream kick so I said, why not? 

For reference, I'm usually an NC25 or NC30, although I have been in the sun a lot this summer so I am probably more like an NC35.  When I tested the product on my hand it was alarmingly light, a greyish very light beige.  I tried it on my face and I was right - not my color.  I thought that maybe the color would oxidize and while it didn't look as grey on my face, it was still very fair. Nevertheless, I wore it to work for the next two days.  I think I probably looked a little ill but whatever.  I did like the coverage (medium) and high 42 SPF.  It does have a strong rose scent which I wasn't into.  I usually wear Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer in Sand and it doesn't seem to have any fragrance (or at least not a strong fragrance).  I was afraid this scented BB cream would make my face breakout but it didn't.

I have normal/combination skin with occasional mild acne.  By the middle of the day, I had to blot because my forehead was shiny.  This BB cream formula is actually targeted towards dry or mature skin.  While I don't consider myself to have mature skin quite yet, I do love anti-wrinkle products and the package for this said "wrinkle improvement."

Skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream Swatch

Above is a picture of my arm with the BB cream.  To the left of the blob of cream, I tried to blend some into my arm.  I hope you can see the faint line where the BB cream ends and my bare skin begins.  I really tried to blend it in but this is as good as it gets for my skin tone.

I do think this is a good BB cream for any fair skinned ladies out there.  You can buy it here:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

iMomoko Haul: Etude House, Hada Labo, etc. - I stumbled upon this site when I was googling Asian beauty products.  The warehouse is actually located in Monrovia, CA, which is not far from where I live.  But I can be lazy when it comes to shopping and I would rather have products delivered to my door if that is at all possible.  My experience with iMomoko has been great!  I've ordered from them twice.  The products came very quickly (2 to 3 business days) although that might be because I live close to the distribution center. They did get one item wrong in that they sent the wrong formula of a product.  I didn't really mind because I did want this version but just thought they were out of it.  The prices are a little more expensive than (which ships from Hong Kong) but iMomoko does have coupon codes from time to time.  Also, they send good sized samples!  I was very happy with the Caudelie samples I received with my last two orders. 

Here's what I ordered:

iMomoko Haul - Etude House, Dolly Wink, DHC, Hado Labo & Kiss Me
Top Row L-R:
  • Etude House Sweet Heart Capsules - Ceramide (I ordered the Argan Oil & Retinol)
  • Hada Labo Hyuralonic Lotion Light
  • Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara
  • Dolly Wink Black Liquid Eyeliner
  • DHC Moisturizing Eye Strips
Bottom Row L-R (all sheet masks):
  • Etude House Rich Butter Foot Mask (2 packs)
  • Etude House Pomegranate Mask
  • Etude House Royal Jelly Mask
  • Etude House Vitamin E Mask
 I like to get my coupon codes from this website:

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bronzer Review: Rimmel Sun Bronze vs. NYC Sunny

Left to right:  Rimmel Sun Bronze & NYC Sunny
I wanted to try a matte bronzer so I headed to the drugstore to purchase Rimmel's Sun Bronze 022 ($3.49 USD @ CVS) and NYC's Sunny 720A ($2.79 USD @ Target).  I've heard a lot of good things about these products via beauty gurus and other blogs.  For reference, my face is usually a MAC NC25 - NC30 although right now I might be closer to NC35 since I've been in the sun quite a bit.  I have normal/combination skin with occasional mild acne.  Here are the bronzers swatched on my inner arm:

Left to right:  Rimmel Sun Bronze & NYC Sunny

They are both fairly sheer on me although you can layer for more color.  In order for the colors to show on my arm above, I layered about 3 or 4 swipes.  As you can see, the Rimmel is lighter and I thought it had a more rosy tone.  The NYC is darker and looked more yellow based to me.  I like them both.  I find myself reaching for the Rimmel for work because it's more subtle on my skin.  On the weekends, I use the NYC.  The NYC is also smaller so it is easier to carry in my makeup bag.  For the price, they are pretty good quality - smooth in texture and easy to apply.  I use the Sephora bronzer brush.  The packaging for both bronzers are sort of flimsy and cheap but they were less than $5 so I didn't expect a Dior compact.

I do like these bronzers and I plan to use them but my favorite is still Nars Laguna.  I like the shimmer!

If you want to buy these bronzers on-line, you can find them here:



Monday, July 30, 2012

Lush Mini Haul - Herbalism, Cupcake Mask, etc.

I went to the Lush store at Universal City Walk this past Friday.  The store was pretty busy.  I found the salespeople to be very helpful although at times they can be a little overbearing about wanting you to try everything.  For reference, I have normal/combination skin, occasional mild acne and I'm in my 30s.  I ended up taking home the items above:

  1. Herbalism Cleanser - I originally wanted to get the Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser but the salesgirl advised me to get Herbalism since it's summer and my t-zone tends to get oily in the summer.  She told me to save the Angels Cleanser for the winter since it is more moisturizing.  I also asked about Dark Angels since it has charcoal but I was advised that it is recommended for people with oily skin who are prone to breakouts.  Herbalism expires in 3 months.  The amount I purchased above is good for 1 month.
  2. Cupcake Mask - I wasn't sure which fresh face mask to get when I walked in.  I was thinking maybe Sacred Truth but based on my skin and the season, the salesgirl recommended Cupcake.  I was excited since I actually wanted to try this one but on the Lush website it's recommended for teenage skin.  A teenager I am not, that's for sure.  Smells like...cupcakes! This masks expires in 3 weeks or less.  It needs to be refrigerated.  
  3. Mint Julips Lip Scrub - They had 3 flavors to choose from:  Bubblegum, Mint Julips and Sweet Lips (chocolate).  I chose Mint Julips because I like mint and chocolate together.  The scrubbing granules in this are huge.  Smells delicious though!
  4. Honey Trap Lip Balm - Had read about this and wanted to try it.  Very moisturizing and smells yummy.
I will try to review my these items later, after using them for a while.  You can find Lush products here: