Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bronzer Review: Rimmel Sun Bronze vs. NYC Sunny

Left to right:  Rimmel Sun Bronze & NYC Sunny
I wanted to try a matte bronzer so I headed to the drugstore to purchase Rimmel's Sun Bronze 022 ($3.49 USD @ CVS) and NYC's Sunny 720A ($2.79 USD @ Target).  I've heard a lot of good things about these products via beauty gurus and other blogs.  For reference, my face is usually a MAC NC25 - NC30 although right now I might be closer to NC35 since I've been in the sun quite a bit.  I have normal/combination skin with occasional mild acne.  Here are the bronzers swatched on my inner arm:

Left to right:  Rimmel Sun Bronze & NYC Sunny

They are both fairly sheer on me although you can layer for more color.  In order for the colors to show on my arm above, I layered about 3 or 4 swipes.  As you can see, the Rimmel is lighter and I thought it had a more rosy tone.  The NYC is darker and looked more yellow based to me.  I like them both.  I find myself reaching for the Rimmel for work because it's more subtle on my skin.  On the weekends, I use the NYC.  The NYC is also smaller so it is easier to carry in my makeup bag.  For the price, they are pretty good quality - smooth in texture and easy to apply.  I use the Sephora bronzer brush.  The packaging for both bronzers are sort of flimsy and cheap but they were less than $5 so I didn't expect a Dior compact.

I do like these bronzers and I plan to use them but my favorite is still Nars Laguna.  I like the shimmer!

If you want to buy these bronzers on-line, you can find them here:




  1. Thank you for this! I'm often buying bronzers and soon discarding them because I don't don't exactly know how to look for what I want.