Friday, August 24, 2012

Review: Z Palette & Depotting Eyeshadows

My Z Palette
 I decided to depot my MAC eyeshadows because I never use them anymore.  Sorting through all the containers was no fun in the morning.  I like to sleep in so I don't give myself much time to get ready when I get up.  In general, I reach for Urban Decay's Naked Palette because it is so easy and I love all the colors.  However, I have a good sized collection of MAC neutral eyeshadows as well.  I originally intended to buy the MAC palette but it wasn't in stock because they are getting new ones with clear lids.  In the mean time, I decided to google other palettes.  The Z Palette is pretty popular and I like that it is made of sturdy recycled paper so it is more environmentally friendly than the plastic versions.  I also considered the Unii palette but it looked too small.  I did love the design though!  Reminds me of  iPhones.  I ended up with the Z Palette which I purchased through

Let me tell ya, depotting MAC eyeshadows is a pain in the ass.  After the first few, I got the hang of it but I did ruin two eyeshadows when I first started.  There are many YouTube videos that show you how to depot eyeshadows like this one and this one.  I tried the candle method first and did not like it.  It burned the plastic unevenly.  I used my flat iron the next time but I didn't want to wait until the heat burned a hole through the plastic because I thought the heat might ruin the powder.  I waited until the glue melted and tried to pry the pan out with a screwdriver.  Big fail - I ruined two eyeshadows because either the screwdriver slipped or wedging it in between the plastic and the pan caused the pan to become deformed.  So, the lessons I learned are:
  • Using your flat iron is a better way to distribute the heat
  • Let the flat iron melt the plastic until you see a little hole form
  • Use a paperclip or needle to pop out the pan from the plastic
  • Don't touch it right after - the pan is frickin' hot
I haven't had the Z Palette long enough determine whether it will last but I do like the design and the fact that it comes with metal strips since those MAC pans are made out of aluminum (which is a non-magnetic metal).

Neutral Palette - mostly MAC eyeshdaows

Eyeshadows in palette:
  • Square eyeshadows are Shu Uemura.  Taupey brown shimmer = ME Brown 850.  The other two, not sure.  But can I just say that Shu Uemura makes it super duper easy to depot eyeshadows?  There's a hole in the back of their containers and you just stick a paper clips through and they pop right out.  Kudos to you, Shu Uemura. 
  • Big round eyeshadow pans are Stila:  shimmery brown = Golightly, matte dark brown = Java, and pinky peach shimmer, not sure.
  • Smaller round eyeshadows are MAC.  Top row L to R:  Carbon, Club, Smut, Sketch, Woodwinked, Wedge and Brule.  2nd row L to R:  Patina, Camel and Vanilla.  3rd row L to R:  Naked Lunch, Soba and Shroom.  Last row L to R:  All That Glitters, Cork and Retrospeck.

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