Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB vs. Asian BB Cream (Skin79 Hot Pink Super + Triple Function)

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (travel size) and Skin79 Super + BB

If you don't know what BB cream is, click here.

I've been loving all my Asian BB creams, especially my Skin 79 Super +, so my interest was piqued when Maybelline came out with its own version - the Dream Fresh BB.  It has been said that American BB creams are more like glorified tinted moisturizers and in this case, it's true.  I've also included a swatch of my beloved Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer for comparison.

For reference, I'm an NC30 and in the Maybelline I purchased shade medium (which may or may not be the perfect color for me, more on that later) while in the Laura Mercier my color is Sand.  The Skin79 BB Cream only comes in one color.


L to R:  Maybelline BB in Medium, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Sand, and Skin79 Super + BB
Swatches Swiped:

L to R:  Maybelline, Laura Mercier, and Skin79
Swatches Blended:

L to R:  Maybelline, Laura Mercier, and Skin79 - see below for more info

Maybelline - this is the lightest and sheerest of the bunch, runnier than the rest but definitely not watery

Laura Mercier - light and sheer but thicker than Maybelline

Skin79 - creamy, heavier than the rest

Color Match

Maybelline - this is a good match because I am tanned right now but I have a feeling it will be too dark for me in the winter.  It is also more neutral than my yellow-based skin tone.  I didn't have a chance to swatch the light/medium so I wonder if it would be a better match.

Laura Mercier - matches perfectly, a Sephora saleslady helped me find the right shade years ago

Skin79 - close enough but not spot on, ever so slightly lighter than my current shade. Will probably be perfect in the winter.  In the photo above, there is a whitish patch on my skin where this BB cream was blended but that's because it had not fully oxidized yet.  When it oxidizes, it matches my skin pretty well.  If you've never tried an Asian BB cream, many of them look greyish when first applied.


Maybelline - very light, definitely need concealer for imperfections and blemishes, but evens out my skin tone, adds a glow

Laura Mercier - light, need concealer for blemishes but evens out my skin tone and covers some minor imperfections, adds a glow

Skin79 - medium, covers minor imperfections well, need concealer for larger blemishes, brightens face, more matte finish


I set all three with powder, either Maybelline Dream Matte or Lioele Loose Powder. The Skin79 lasts the longest throughout the day and offers the most coverage. In fact, all of my Asian BB creams offer more coverage than the Maybelline or Laura Mercier. The Skin79 also appears to be the only one with skin care benefits such as "wrinkle improvement."  But that's not to say that the Maybelline BB is bad, it's not.  In fact, I rather like it for a tinted moisturizer.  It's light, it evens out my complexion and it is affordable.  It's a nice alternative to the Laura Mercier (although I have been using the Laura Mercier for over 8 years now - I don't think I'll be giving it up any time soon).

Have you tried the Maybelline BB?  If so, what do you think?  If you are also an NC30, please let me know if you purchased the light/medium or the medium.

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with any of these brands.  

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