Friday, September 14, 2012

Bath and Body Works Fall 2012 Slatkin Candle Haul and Storage

Candle Storage
When Bath and Body Works recently had their 2 for 20 candle deal, I went a little bit nuts.  I bought five 3-wick candles.  My justification for this was that they were only $7 each with a coupon - and they smell so delicious!  Now I regret not buying more.  Next time, I have my eye on Pumpkin Cupcake, Cranberry Woods, Cider Lane, and Salty Caramel.  During my most recent haul, I purchased:  Frosted Cupcake, Leaves, French Baguette, Cafe Au Lait and Cinnamon Sugared Donuts.

My favorite fall scent from BBW is their signature scent, Leaves (it doesn't really smell like leaves).  So amazing!  For me, it captures the scent of the season.  Leaves is described as, "a rich blend of golden nectar, red apples and berries."  It's a little bit spicy, which I love.  I smell apples and spices.

Right now I am burning Cafe Au Lait which smells yummy.  It doesn't smell like coffee, which is what I thought it would smell like.  It smells more like a cafe/bakery with some chocolaty notes...almost like tiramisu. Throw is great and wicks haven't had any problems. 

I'm also burning Coconut Water since it's still very warm in California and thus, season appropriate for me.  It's a mild creamy coconut scent with a light throw.  The wicks on this candle suck.  I do have to mess with it a bit to keep it burning evenly. 

I store my candles and fragrance oils in a buffet in the small dining area of my apartment.  They are kept in a cool dark place.  These new ones won't be kept in storage for long!  I can't wait to burn them.

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