Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Top 5 Scents/Fragrances

L to R:  Iris Noble, Child, Creme Bouquet, Monyette Paris and La Chasse Aux Papillons
I love perfume but I often forget to wear it.  In high school I wore Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers or Estee Lauder Beautiful.  My taste has changed and over the years I have collected a few fragrances.  These are my top five picks in no particular order:
  1.  Acqua di Parma Iris Noble [packaging has been revamped] - Sephora.com claims that "Iris Nobile strikes the perfect balance between the elegance of a classic floral bouquet and modern, refined notes like Mandarin from Sicily, cedar flower, vanilla from Madagascar, and ambrette crystals."  A nice light citrus-y Spring/Summer scent.
  2. Child - I have been wearing this for about a decade and it's probably my signature scent.  Beautyhabit.com describes this scent as having the following top notes: vanilla, lilac, and faint magnolia.  Heart notes are jasmine, tuberose and violet with base notes of creme musk, rose, and mimosa.
  3. Stila Creme Bouquet [packaging has been revamped but this old bottle is cuter!] - Stila.com claims this scent "sparkles in notes of sweet vanilla entwined with rare lily of the valley and sensual pink lilac essences."  This smells soft and powdery sweet.
  4. Monyette Paris [packaging has been revamped] - Luckyscent.com describes this perfume as "creamy and luscious, this bewitching scent combines voluptuous gardenia and island vanilla orchid, a sweet earthy vanilla." A creamy floral that smells divine. 
  5. L'Artisan Parfumeur - La Chasse Aux Papillons - I have also been wearing this scent for years.  A lovely feminine Spring/Summer floral scent.  According to Luckysent.com, these are the top notes:  linden blossom, lemon tree blossom, orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose.   
  6. Honorable mention [not pictured]:  A good friend gave me a limited edition Jo Malone Gift Set with 6 fragrances to wear alone or layered.  My favorite from the set is Orange Blossom.  I also love Pomegranate Noir.
What are your top 5 scents?  

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