Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lush Christmas 2012 Haul No. 1

Lush Christmas 2012 Haul No. 1
I am excited about all of Lush's Christmas stuff!  My first shipment came in last week.  I ordered on-line because the stores weren't carrying any of the Christmas items yet.  Also, I wanted to purchase some on-line only Retro items.  Here's what I got:

  1. Twilight Bath Gel (8.4 oz) - love the smell of lavender so I have high hopes for this
  2. Snow Fairy (8.4 oz) - the best-selling cotton candy scented pink gel now has a new label
  3. Sexy Boy Massage Bar (2) - this is a retro item and I wanted to try it because it sounds so good, a chocolate-y lime scent!  This is bigger than I thought it would be, doesn't fit into any of the tins.
  4. Snow Globe Soap
  5. North Pole Soap - I'm excited about this one, it's supposed to be similar to Candy Cane Soap
  6. Snow Cake Soap - smells like almond icing, mmmmm.  I have the hand cream in Smitten which has the same scent.  It's subtle, not like Laura Mercier's almond scented bath products (of which I am also a fan)
  7. Snuggle Body Butter - I haven't tried this yet but I like body butters so we'll see. This one is for use at bed time. It's supposed to dry to a powdery finish which is intriguing.  
I have two more shipments of Christmas items coming.  The problem is that some items sell out quickly and are restocked at different times.  I have an order of only Bath Bombs and Bath Melts coming as well as an order of Buche de Noel facial cleanser which was sold out for a while.  I am finished with Herbalism and wanted to give Buche de Noel a try in the winter months.  I'll post those hauls as well as some reviews when I use these items.

Thanks for stopping by!  

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with this company.

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