Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lush Halloween 2012 Haul - Pumpkin Soap and Calacas Shower Jelly

Lush Haul - Halloween 2012
I missed out on some of the Lush limited edition Halloween stuff since I checked on-line too late but I was able to find a few items at my local store.  I called around and it seems like most of the stores in Los Angeles are carrying the same 4 items:  Calacas Shower Jelly, Pumpkin Soap, Twilight Bath Gel and the Enchanter Bath Bomb.  I purchased the Pumpkin Soap and Calacas Shower Jelly.

The Pumpkin Soap smells delicious and the scent is perfect for the fall.  Smells a little bit like pumpkin pie filling but not as sweet.  It suds well and the scent does not linger on the skin.  I prefer this because while I love the smell of pumpkin during the fall, I don't necessarily want to walk around smelling like one.  I bought three of these, 2 for me and 1 to give to a friend.

I was a little hesitant about purchasing the Calacas Shower Jelly because shower jellies in general look like a lot of work.  I've read that some reviewers chop them up and then put a little on the loofah.  Some pinch off a piece and then work it up into a lather.  Others say that a lot of it ends up wasted since it can be messy to work with.  However, this jelly comes in a smaller size and the Lush associate did a demo where she just used it like a bar of soap.  She plopped the whole thing into her hand and then rubbed it around her arm.  Suds up a little bit.  This smells like those generic lime lollipops with clear plastic wrappers.  I love that one side looks like a skull in celebration of Dia De Los Muertos:

Love Lush!  I already placed an order for some of the Christmas 2012 limited edition items.  They are stocking more and more stuff each day.

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with this company.

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