Thursday, August 9, 2012

Favorites: Leighelena Jigsaw Cuff Bracelet in Black Anaconda

Leighelena Jigsaw Cuff in Black Anaconda with Gold Buckle

One night I decided I needed a black cuff bracelet ASAP, preferably in snakeskin.  So naturally I googled "black snakeskin cuff bracelet."  One of the results was the Leighelena Jigsaw Cuff pictured above.  It was love at first sight.  The buckle is so modern and sleek.  The only problem was that the Jigsaw style comes in a wide variety of colors and I wasn't so sure I wanted the black anymore.  There's a very cool Stingray Rainbow Hologram style that I was eyeing:

Photo from

In the end, I decided the black would match with more of my clothes.  Here is a picture of the bracelet on my wrist:

It comes in two sizes:  S and M.  I bought the S.  It's supposed to have a snug fit but I have very small wrists.  Nevertheless, I still like the way it fits.  I hope to purchase more later but they are $100 - $150 each so it's something I have to plan for in my budget.  I do think they are worth it because it is a well made piece of jewelry (made in the USA).  Plus, I will use it for years.  I also like this one and this one!  Which style do you like?

Where to buy Leighelena:

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