Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa 60-Second Manicure Hand Scrub

Available for $12 at Bath and Body Works (BBW)
This was a gift from my mom.  She likes beauty products almost as much as I do so when she goes shopping, she sometimes buys me thoughtful little gifts.  I was excited to see this scrub because I had my eye on something similar called One Minute Manicure.

Bath and Body Works Hand Scrub

The sugar and oil scrub is a bit messy.  It was leaking when I received it so the oils had gotten all over other things.  I was a little afraid it would leave a greasy residue on my hands as well.  But it didn't!  To use it, I basically scooped up a generous amount with my hand and scrubbed both hands for 60 seconds.  The sugar grains are exfoliating and the oils feel moisturizing.  The scent is fruity and sweet.  I was surprised that the product rinses off really well!  While my hands do feel exfoliated, they weren't particularly moisturized.  I felt the need to use lotion afterwards.  

Overall, I do like the product.  It's an easy way to exfoliate my dry hands.  You can purchase this for $12 at

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